Newsletter – February 2016

Colington Harbour Yacht and Racquet Club News – February 2016

With the new year comes a renewal of the Colington Harbor Yacht and Racquet Club contract with the association. This is a five-year option that will take us through the end of the year 2020.

We are pleased to let our members know their membership dues have been well-managed. As you know all members of the association who are in “good standing “, i.e. (all association dues are current). Currently, we have over 400 members. The Club membership is up significantly in the last five years.

The Board members who are all volunteers, have a huge responsibility and we take our positions very seriously. The dues have not increased since 2001, and we do not plan to do so anytime soon.

Our Club is organized as a non-profit, which means all income over expenses is return to the property. With the club being independent and paying its own insurance, coverage was increased from $2,000,000 to $5,000,000 to benefit all the property owners.

We have several new projects planned for 2016. New table and chairs have already been purchased and they look great. Also, we plan to upgrade the mens’s rest room. The ladies rest room was renovated in 2013. Also, in 2013, we completely upgraded the entrance and stairways with a fresh coat of paint, and new carpet on the stairs and hallway. Our pool is Saline (Salt Water System), which was upgraded in 2011. Last spring we brightened the snack shack and pump house with a bright clean Caribean look. We plan to purchase more vibrant umbrellas to finish the look.

With your dues and a lot of hard-working volunteers, we resurfaced the entire pool and wading pool. A lot of time is spent looking for the best contractors that will save the club money.

All these projects are possible because of our loyal members, and new folks that want to take advantage of the most competitive prices on the Outer Banks. ($200 for a family membership).

We are a handful of dedicated people who make it our business to do the best we can with the trust and confidence you have given us.

The annual meeting for the club is on the second Saturday in October (October 8th, 2016). Attendance is usually very low and we take this not as a lack of interest, but a show of confidence that we are doing a good job.

If there is any budding journalist in our membership that would like to have their own by line in the Harbour Headlines, please let me know. You would be the voice for the club and keep the community abreast of board activities in the coming. You can contact me, Jane Wirth, President, if you are interested. Call me at 252-305-2153.

Don’t forget to like the Colington Harbor Yacht and Racquet Club Facebook page. I’ll catch up with you in the spring newsletter.

Jane Wirth
President CHYRC