Pool Rules

  • Children under 11 years of age are not permitted to enter the pool area without a parent or care person.
  • The pool is not a day care center. Children dropped off at the pool without parental supervision are not the responsibility of the pool staff.
  • Any guest or tenant violating pool rules and regulations will be the responsibility of the sponsoring member.
  • Special parties or functions may be authorized by the Board of Directors of CHY&RC Inc.
  • Applications must be made in writing. All pool rules and regulations apply to approved parties or functions.

General Rules:

  1. There will be a rest period of 10 minutes every hour on the hour for persons under age 18 years. Only those 18 years and older will swim at their own risk. Lifeguard protection is not available during this 10 minute break. No swimming or diving in the diving area (well) is permitted at this time.
  2. Proper swimming apparel will be worn at all times in the pool.
  3. Running is not allowed in the pool area.
  4. Horseplay (i.e. towel popping, pushing people into the pool, shoulder riding, rough playing or unsafe action of any kind) is not allowed in the pool nor pool area.
  5. Large balls, rafts, and tire tubes are NOT PERMITTED. Swimming aids and other water toys may be used with permission of the lifeguard.
  6. Deep End Policy: When games (i.e. Sharks and Minnows, Star, etc) are being played in the deep end, the lifeguard reserves the right to close the diving board. If more people want to use the board then those playing the game the board will be reopened. The lifeguard will decide what is safe and what is not with regards to this policy.
  7. Divers: Only one person is allowed on the diving board at a time. Swimmers must stay out of the diving area when the board is in use. Those waiting to use the diving board need to wait until divers in front of them are clear of the diving board. (Clear: the swimmer is at the ladder or out far enough from the board so as not to interfere with the next diver)
  8. Alcoholic beverages ARE NOT PERMITTED anywhere in the pool area.
  9. Glass is prohibited in the pool area.
  10. Food and drink are not permitted in or near the pool edge. Individuals are responsible for cleaning up after themselves. Do not chew gum or tobacco in the pool nor pool area.
  11. Pets are NOT PERMITTED in the pool nor pool area.
  12. Abusive, offensive, or profane language is NOT PERMITTED.

Additional Kiddie Pool Rules:

  1. Children 5 and over are not allowed in the kiddie pool
  2. Children in diapers must use Swimmies/Swimmers or equivalent protection.
  3. Parent or guardian must be with child at all times.
  4. Guardian/Guest may accompany a member child as long as they are a bonafide guest in accordance with the CHY&RC Bylaws.