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There has been much Facebook speculation as to the removal of the diving board at the Colington Harbour swimming pool.  Typical of Facebook, the information being spread is sometimes accurate and sometimes inaccurate.  Following are the accurate details, as they are known today:

  • We recently received notification that the current provider of liability insurance, QBE/General Casualty, is not renewing any existing policies on the Outer Banks. We asked for a 30-day extension to allow us to ‘salvage’ the rest of this season but received a “Hard No”.
  • Per the letter, below, the diving board must be removed for the new carrier to issue a policy effective on 8/8/22. Alternately, a second insurance carrier will write a policy covering the diving board for a 118% increase.  Our current insurance agent is attempting to find other carriers that might provide insurance at a lower rate.

Currently, we are removing the diving board on Monday, 8/8/22,  and have secured a liability policy without the diving board.  This buys the time necessary to explore all avenues available to us, without exposing the CHY&RC or the CHA to any uninsured liability.  By no means is this a dead issue.  The Board appreciates your patience as we try to resolve this situation.  Thank you.


From:  Adriane Little, Willey Agency

So, I just wanted to shoot over an email to keep you in the loop.

I have been diligently trying to quote out the association’s liability coverage.  I am really struggling and just wanted to put it all out there while we still have time so there are no surprises.

I do have 2 potential quotes:

The first one is with Auto Owners and my recommendation.  The premium is $13K but only $11K if you pay in full as they offer a discount.  If you didn’t pay in full they offer monthly payments.   The pay, in full amount, is about $2K more than what you were paying in premium last year….  The big kicker with this quote is…they want the diving board removed.  They will not be a market or let me write the policy if the diving board is still there.  Would the Board be willing to remove the diving board?

The second one is with Scottsdale…you can keep the diving board, but the premium is coming in at around $24,000 a year.  This would have to be paid in full or I would have to finance it with an outside company.

The market for insurance is really hardening and it is harder and harder to place risks and a lot of companies are backing out of writing on our little island.  Very frustrating.  I do not want to lose this account, but I also hate to see ya’ll have to remove the diving board or pay an outrageous premium.  With everyone suing for everything now a days, underwriting has gotten very picky and pools are just really tough right now, especially with a diving board.

I still have some feelers out there but we are getting close to the August 8th deadline so I am not sure if I will have any luck with those companies.  I wanted to let you know where I stand right now in the event you wanted to see if any other agencies had a market that I might not have.

I am trying my best:)   Let me know your thoughts….

Thanks so much and hope you have a great night!


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