Tennis Court Rules


  1. These rules and regulations are established for the protection of all users of the court.
  2. Members must explain these rules and regulations to their children, guests, and tenants. Misconduct will result in expulsion from the Court.
  3. These rules are enforced by the Tennis Committee and BOD of CHY&RC.


  1. Persons authorized to use the court include members and bonafide guests. A bonafide guest is defined as a person who resides outside of the Colington Harbour boundaries and is not eligible for CHY&RC membership. A Seasonal Weekly Tenant renting a home on a weekly basis is eligible to use the Tennis Courts if the property owner maintains a Seasonal Weekly renters membership. Those persons paying a monthly rent to a Colington Harbour property owner on a year round basis are eligible to join CHY&RC and can use the Tennis Courts under their membership agreement.
  2. It will be required that a key be procured from the CHA Office Manager in order to gain access to the Tennis Courts. Fees and regulations for such are applicable.